Our Menu

We are always happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements, please call Hayley on 01978661406 ext 5 ahead of your visit to ensure we can prepare for your specific needs.


Small Breakfast

Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Hash Brown, Fried Bread, Beans or Tomatoes and 1-Piece of Toast


Large Breakfast

Sausage, 2 Bacon, Egg, Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Fried Bread, Mushrooms, Beans or Tomatoes & 2 Pieces of Toast

Fried/Scrambled Egg on Toast
Beans on Toast
Tomatoes on Toast
Cheese on Toast
All £3.25

Breakfast Baps, Sandwiches or Toasties

Choose any item off the breakfast menu
1 Item   £2.85
2 Items £3.25

Breakfast Omelette

Choose from Chopped Sausage, Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese, Beans or Tomatoes

Snacks & Sandwiches

Lunchtime Omelette Served with Chips and Salad

Choose from Ham, Chicken, Bacon, Cheese, Mushroom, Tomato or Onion

Jacket Potato with Salad and Coleslaw

Choose from Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn, Cheese, Beans, Bacon or Onion

Sandwiches Served with Side Salad and Crisps

Choose from Cheese, Ham, Egg Mayo, Bacon, Tuna Mayo, Chicken or Cajun Chicken
Available on white or brown bread


Served with Chips and Salad

Club – Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo
New Yorker – Chicken, Cheese, BBQ and Coleslaw
Spicy – Sweet Chili/Cajun Chicken, Cheese and Coleslaw
All £6.75

Homemade Soup with a Baguette


Soup Combo

Homemade soup with any filled Sandwich

Hayley's Mains

Homemade Dishes

Chicken Curry, Chilli or Lasagne
All served with Chips, Rice or Jacket Potato and Side Salad


All served with Chips, Salad and Homemade Coleslaw
Plain Burger £5.25
Cheese Burger £5.95
Ranch Burger – BBQ, Bacon, Cheese and Egg £6.75
Mexican – Beef, Chili and Cheese £7.25
Double up your burger for £2 extra!

Ham, Egg, Chips


Sausage, Chips, Beans


Chips £1.60
Chips and Gravy £2.50
Chips and Beans £2.50
Chips and Curry Sauce £2.50
Chips and Cheese £2.50

Kids Menu

Choose from Chicken Nuggets, Sausage or a Burger
Served with a choice of Chips, Smiley Faces or Waffles
Peas, Beans or Sweetcorn

Hot Drinks & Milkshakes

Tea/Coffee £1.45
Hot Chocolate £1.60
Milky Coffee £1.60
Cappuccino £1.60
Hot Chocolate, Cream, Flake and Marshmallows £2.60
Milk £1.20
Milkshake £1.70
Milkshake, Cream, Flake and Marshmallows £2.65